Strophanthus gratus – Rose Allamanda (email for availability)

This is a rarely offered tropical vine that can be trained as a shrub. This plant gets umbels of soft pink flowers with a burgundy throat. The leaves are shiny and smooth and the blossoms smell like roses.

Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom. We may have to trim the top to fit in a box. Please email us with your zip code for availability.


Rose Allamanda or Climbing Oleander, is a spectacular flowering plant that would be a true accessory to your garden.
It is actually a vine that can be trained to be a bush form. It has handsome leathery leaves that shine in the sunlight. 
It produces beautiful clusters of soft pink flowers with a burgundy throat that smell similar to roses. It primarily blooms in winter and spring, but flowers can be seen any time of the year in tropical climates.
Rarely offered but easy to grow tropical plant. 
We grow in full to partial sun. Water regularly. Fertilize regularly. Prune back occasionally. Protect from freezing.

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
ORIGIN : West Africa

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 36 in
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