What Will I Receive?

What Will I Receive?

In our business, we have a limited supply for some of our plants, especially the more rare plants. We can’t predict when our stock will run out or when the plants will not be ready for shipping, which we will inform you before your payment is processed. If plants you are interested in are not available, I highly recommend that you contact us to be placed on a waiting list. We cannot predict when plants will become available, but being on the waiting list will insure you a notification as soon as it becomes available.

All of our plants are skillfully grown at our nursery. We guarantee quality and healthy plants. We only sell plants that we would be happy to purchase ourselves. If we notice a plant with major imperfections, we will notify you before we ship.

All the pictures you see on our website are of our mother plants or mature plants/trees planted in the ground and are not of the exact plants you will be receiving. We provide the pot size of each plant we are selling. All of our plants are rooted and will be shipped in their pots unless otherwise specified. To give you a better idea:
2inch – 4inch pots = small/young plants
5inch – 6inch pots = young medium size plants
8inch – 10inch pots = normally larger plants, more or less 2ft – 3ft tall
Our plants are pruned regularly for their health and to promote branching and/or a heavy blooming season therefore occasionally some plants may be shorter at certain times.
Unfortunately we cannot provide pictures to you of the exact plants you will be receiving. We guarantee that the plant is worth its size!

We grow our plants outside year round in south Florida.
Please understand that some of our plants may not be your perfect green leaf, in-flower plant that you would normally puchase in person at your local garden center or green house.
Although our plants grow well in our environment, some do tend to acquire black spots or imperfections on the leaves due to heavy rain, high humidity, or just from the heat or cold weather. Don’t panic!
The dots are not a disease and will not affect the plants health. If you grow your plants in a different
climate, the new growth will be clean and you can later cut off any “ugly” leaves.

Hoya plants are very prone to getting dots on the leaves for us.
Many tropical plants also tend to go through a dormancy stage and may have unattractive winter leaves or
even drop some or all leaves.
If you do feel concerned with any marks on your plant, please do be sure to send us a clear photo via e-mail. I would say about 98% of the time, what we see in the photos is nothing to worry about.

We guarantee that we only ship healthy plants that we would only be happy to purchase ourselves.
If we feel that a customer may not be satisfied with a plant for any reason, we will notify you before we ship and may even send you a photo.

If you are purchasing for a gift please inquire about suitability.

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