Frequently asked questions
General Questions:
Q: Where is Gardino Nursery located?
A: Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, USA

Q: Does Gardino Nursery have a retail store?
A: Gardino Nursery is not a garden center and does not have a store open to the public, however, we do allow nursery visits by appointment only. Hours vary.

Q: Does Gardino Nursery ship plants?
A: Yes, we are certified to ship everywhere in the continental U.S. We can also ship to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
We do also ship to Canada, but there are different shipping requirements. We ship to Canada at buyer’s own risk.
We do not offer any other international shipping.

Ordering Questions:
Q: If I don’t want to use the website, how else can I place an order?
A: You can place an order by calling us toll free (888-241-1572), sending us an e-mail ([email protected]), or even sending us a message via “live chat” when it is available.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit and debit cards and paypal. We are sorry but we cannot accept a check or money order. Cash is accepted in person.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?
A: Yes, we ask that all website orders meet a small $15 requirement (before shipping).

Q: What will I receive? Will I receive the plant in the pictures?
A: We offer anything from bare-root rhizomes/bulbs, young plants in 4″ pots to larger plants in 3gallon pots. Size pot will be specified in the description.
Our stock changes daily; we cannot provide photos of the exact plant that we will ship to you. The photos on our website show an example of what you will receive. We try our best to update the pictures.

Q. It is too hot or cold where I live at the moment. I am out of town for a month or longer. Can you take my payment and ship at a later time?
A: Sorry, but no. We are not set up to babysit plants for a long period of time. Please also consider that plants are always growing/changing and may need to be pruned back or transplanted into larger pots.
We can hold orders for a maximum time of two weeks.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee on your plants? 
A: We do guarantee that the plants that we ship will arrive in good condition, are healthy, and pest free. We offer a
7-day guarantee on plants and only cover damage during shipping. A photo is required within 7 days.
That being said, once you receive your plants, it is your responsibility to take care of the plants and keep them alive. We do not offer refunds or replacements if we are not contacted within 7 days with any problems.
All of our plants are tropical, are grown outside in south FL and are intended to be kept as outdoor plants. We cannot guarantee the survival of these plants when placed indoors or without the proper growing conditions.

Q: Does Gardino Nursery wholesale their plants?
A: We offer wholesale for certain plants only. Please e-mail us to request our current wholesale list. Please include the name of your company and location. We are sorry but we do not wholesale Hoya plants.

Shipping & Handling Questions:
Q: What are the shipping & handling charges?
A: Click here for details: Shipping Charges

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?
A: Unfortunately shipping live plants is expensive. These are living organisms that do not like dark boxes for very long and require special shipping. Shipping includes costs set by the carrier, boxes, sleeves, paper, tape, etc. and the time to pick and carefully pack your order.
Sometimes the shipping cost may end up being too high, especially for our FL, GA, SC, NC neighbors. When that is the case, we will promptly apply a credit back to your form of payment!

Q: Does Gardino Nursery ship year round?
Yes, we ship all year! However, if your winters are harsh (freezing or colder), we highly recommend you hold off until the warm months. Our plants are cold sensitive and the packages being exposed to cold is beyond our control.

Q: How long does shipping take after I place my order?
A: Please allow up to 14 days for shipping, although most orders are shipped out within a couple of days. We normally ship Monday-Wednesday only. We occasionally ship on Fridays.
Please contact us immediately if you do not receive a tracking number within 24 hours upon receiving a shipping notification.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order after it is shipped?
A: Most packages should arrive within 5 business days after the ship date, depending on the carrier and your location. We ship most orders through Fedex/UPS ground and USPS priority mail. We choose the best carrier for your order depending on price, location, weather, etc.

Q: My plants arrived damaged or dead upon arrival. Can I have a refund or replacement?
A: Yes, as long as you have contacted us within 7 days of delivery and provided a clear photo of the damage. The best way to start a return is to send us an email immediately with the details and photos. 
Only severe damage will be considered. Plants are brittle and may arrive with a few broken leaves or branches, don’t worry, they will grow back.
We are sorry, but we cannot be held responsible for plants once they are growing in your environment and are under your care (after 7 days).

Plant Questions:

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