Winter Shipping

Winter Shipping Information:

YES, we ship year round!
We offer a 7-day guarantee on your plants, just like any other time of the year! You’re covered this winter, but only under strict and narrow guidelines.
Shipping tropical plants in cold weather can be risky and we ask that you help us get your packages warm and safe to you.
If your temperatures are extreme (your day time temperatures are consistently freezing and colder) then please consider ordering in spring/summer only.
Please continue reading for our terms and conditions and winter shipping tips!

-If your plants are damaged when they arrive, you must e-mail us within 7 days of delivery with a clear photo of the damage. If you do not send us a photo within 7 days, your warranty has expired and no refunds or replacements will be considered. I’m sorry, but we cannot make exceptions and cannot afford any other policy. Refunds/replacements will not be considered if your plants have been worked on (repotted/transplanted).
-We will not accept carrier notes to “leave package outside” during the cold months unless you live in a warm climate. This is to prevent packages being left outside in the cold/snow. Keep in mind that some orders may come with signature confirmation and someone will need to be home to sign for the package. 

-We ship at buyers own risk to Canada year round. No refunds or replacements will be considered.

Winter Shipping TIPS:
-Heat packs: Can help. Please add these to your cart at checkout if you are experiencing day temperatures in the 40’s F or colder. If you are experiencing night temperatures below freezing, but day time is warm, we would still recommend one. You may need two heatpacks for large plants/large orders. 
-Hold for pick-up: Your local post office or Fedex can hold the package for you to pick-up. This way we know the packages are sitting in a warm room once they arrive and not left outside your house in the snow and not traveling around in a cold post office truck all day until it gets to your house.
We are sorry, but we cannot hold orders until spring/summer. All orders received will be shipped within two weeks.
If your day time temperatures are below freezing, we recommend that you do not order.
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