Where We Ship

Where We Ship

We can ship to many places, but with our unique products comes a unique shipping requirement so there are some limits to where we can ship and where we cannot ship. Below is a map showing you where these places are. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 1-888-241-1572 – [email protected]

Map of Where Gardino Nursery Ships and Doesn't Ship

We can ship to:

United States
(Including Alaska and Hawaii)
The Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico (different requirements, please ask)
Canada (different requirements, please ask)

We cannot ship to:

Arizona (US)
Other countries outside the continental US

Why can’t you ship to Arizona??
The USDA in Arizona is very strict when it comes to receiving plants from Florida.
All plant shipments require a Phytosanitary certificate which costs $65 for the order, even if it were just one plant. All shipments are required to go to a quarantine facility and cannot be sent directly to customer.
We are unaware how long the plants will be held for or how the plants will be re-packed back into the box after an inspection.
We do not feel it is fair to customers to have to pay so much money for the certificate and for shipping when they may end up receiving dead or damaged plants because of the unknown.
Being a small company, we cannot afford these risks. Thank you for understanding.

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