Asplenium nidus ‘Osaka’ – Bird’s Nest Fern (6″ pot)


This tropical fern will form a large rosette of light green leaves. This species of bird’s nest fern has lobed leaves that resemble lasagna! This easy to grow fern for beginners likes shade and can be grown in a container.

Ships in 6″ pot.

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FAMILY : Aspleniaceae
ORIGIN : Tropical Asia
MATURE SIZE : 3′ – 4′
WATER REQUIREMENTS : allow to dry a little before you water again
MIN. TEMP. : low 40’s

The same as the regular Bird’s Nest Fern but with undulated green leaves. The bigger it gets the more beautiful this plant will get.

All photos were taken of mature plants to show you the beauty once it gets larger. Plants for sale are starter plants in 4″ pots. 

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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