Aphelandra sinclairiana – Panama Queen – Coral Aphelandra (6″ pot)


This rare tropical Aphelandra gets very interesting orange/coral bracts with pink flowers that are fragrant. This is an unusual and exotic shade loving plant for collector gardeners.

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Does not come with flowers. Brittle plant.

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FAMILY : Acanthaceae
ORIGIN : Central America
TYPE/USES : shrub 
 up to 10 feet but normally kept smaller in a container
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : filtered light
MIN. TEMP. : mature plants can take low 30’s for a short period of time, but recommended to keep above 40 F
FLOWER : winter to early spring, fragrant in evening

Aphelandra sinclairiana, also known as an orange shrimp plant, is a tall shrub, sometimes reaching up to 10′ high, but normally it is kept smaller (around 3′- 4′) by trimming. Cut back in the spring after the flowers to prevent it from becoming too leggy. 
It prefers filtered light, average moisture, and fertilizer.
Even though it blooms in the winter, it is also very cold sensitive even though if can survive temperatures in the low 30’s for short periods of time. It is better to avoid temperatures below 40’s and even better 50’s F.
During the winter, large/tall (up to 8″long!) beautiful orange/coral bracts will form on top of the plant and pink flowers will emerge. Very unusual and exotic looking flower and they smell quite lovely in the afternoon!

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