Philodendron ‘Paraiso Verde’ (on request, starting at $15)

This climbing Philodendron known for its colorful variegation, has stunning long, deeply lobed green leaves splattered and speckled with shades of yellow and green! With proper conditions and somewhere for it to climb, it is a rapid growing plant that is relatively easy to care for!

Please email us with your zip code if interested and we can check and send you a picture.


This Philodendron should receive bright indirect/filtered light and have lots of humidity. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, leaving brown spots. Plant in moist, well draining soil. You can make your own with orchid bark, perlite and potting soil. When the top half of the soil has dried, it is ready to be watered again. If the plant sits in water, the plant will root rot. Keep in mind you will need to water more in the warmer months and less in the cooler months. 

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