Hoya kerrii ‘Albomarginata’ – Variegated Sweetheart Hoya (4″ pot) (imperfections)


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This tropical succulent wax flower has thick, variegated, heart shape leaves. It produces pretty flowers when mature, but this species is for the foliage lover. Not recommended for beginners.

Ships in 4″ pot. You will receive one plant similar to the one on top of the blue stool. (not the first photo, that is my large mother plant!)
These plants have blemishes and imperfections from living outside in south FL climate. Only buy if your understand. 

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**This Hoya is a slow grower at the beginning. Please understand that it takes time for us to root them and sell a plant to you. Please understand that we sell only small starter plants growing new leaves but with few roots. There are normally only 1-2 cuttings per pot. Thank you for understanding and happy growing!

Beautiful H. kerrii clone with variegated leaves. The leaves are very succulent and heart shaped.
Hoya kerrii grows best outside in a tropical climate with good air circulation. It is sensitive to over-watering and will not do well inside with poor air circulation. It grows easy for us outside in south FL. Grows more quickly once it gets going.

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
medium size vine growing 4’+
bright filtered light
keep a little dry
low 50’s
warmer months of the year on mature plants

All pictures were taken of our mature mother plants only, not the young plants for sale.

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