Erblichia odorata – Butterfly Tree – Flor de Fuego

Also known as the butterfly tree, this tree produces gorgeous large fragrant flowers, blooming from Fall to early Winter. The scent is fruity and sweet. The flowers range from a golden yellow color to a rich orange. It is a great choice for adding a little bit of color to the garden as well as attracting butterflies and birds.

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Gets up to 20′. They are relatively hardy, tolerating temps as low as 30 degrees F for short periods when fully mature. Grow in a pot for those living in cold climates and protect from freezing temps in the Winter. They need a well-draining nutrient rich soil and plenty of sunlight. Full sun to part sun is necessary. Watering is average, keeping the soil slightly moist letting the top few inches of soil dry out in between watering. 

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