Alocasia baginda ‘Silver Dragon’ (4″ pot)


Silver Dragon is super cool and wanted by many foliage lovers. The grey is stunning and gets metallic-like silver with maturity. The dark green veins make a really cool contrast against the silver. The leaves are textured and bumpy to the touch. New leaves are small and smooth with a jade green color to them. It can bloom an inflorescence under the right conditions, although it’s rare. Stays compact reaching about 2 feet tall and wide, the leaves about 8″ long and 6″ wide. 

Ships in a 4″ pot. 

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This Alocasia prefers bright filtered light, enjoying temperatures that we are comfortable at, so it does really well as a houseplant. An east or west facing window is perfect for them. A loose well-draining potting soil is needed. They like to stay moist but not sitting in water, let the top layer of soil dry before watering again and let the water run out of the bottom of the pot. High humidity is needed for these. Keep away from AC vents and drafty areas. Do not let water sit on the grooves of the leaves, it will cause the plant to lose its leaves. Protect from freezing!

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