Aeschynanthus lobbianus – Lipstick Plant (2″ pot)


Native to Southeastern Asia, blooming throughout Spring and Summer, this plant has long trailing stems and bright red cylindrical flowers resembling a tube of lipstick. The foliage is dark green and oval shaped, creating a beautiful contrast against the bold flowers. It makes a lovely full hanging plant. Perfect for a beginner as the plant is relatively low maintenance!

Ships in a 2″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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With enough light, this beauty will bloom each year. Thrives in indirect bright light, keep out of direct light. Some direct morning sun is okay and some direct afternoon sun in Winter only. They need a well-draining potting mix that is nutrient rich. Don’t water this plant too often. Let the medium dry out before watering again, water thoroughly until it runs out of the drainage holes. Water sparingly during Winter. Often times, brown leaves or dried leaves are a sign that the plant needs more water. This plant enjoys humidity to stay healthy. Under optimal conditions and once mature, it can bloom profusely lasting all Summer. Repot about every year or two when the roots have filled the pot. Keeping it slightly root bound will help it bloom.

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