Agave geminiflora – Twin-flowered Agave (4″ pot)


This is a tropical beginner plant that likes to be root bound in containers. This Agave can be suitable as a house plant near a window. This drought tolerant succulent is easy to grow and also very unusual, especially mature plants once they form the trunk.

Ships in 4″ plastic nursery pot. Young starter plant.
***We do not sell finished Bonsai trees in Bonsai pots. This is a young plant. The Bonsai plants in the pictures are an example of what it will become with age.

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An unusual slow growing succulent plant called Agave geminiflora. This is a small Agave that produces many narrow leaves resembling a clump. The soft leaves have thorns on the ends.
It grows best in bright filtered light areas, but it can also take full sun. They also grow very well indoors by a window. They are drought tolerant. Agave is a tropical plant, bring inside if it gets below the high 20’s. Originally from Mexico. This plant is very unusual and not very easy to find! Flowers are rare to see, but grown for its beautiful foliage and trunk.

FAMILY : Agavaceae
ORIGIN : Mexico
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : bright filtered light to full sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep a little dry
MIN. TEMP. : low 20’s for a short period
FLOWER : never seen

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