Ascocentrum curvifolium (4″ HB)


This is a beautiful red orchid native to East Himalaya, Myanmar, and Thailand where they grow on trees in forests. The inflorescences are dense, covered in vibrant flowers which are sometimes an orange color small to medium-sized. This orchid produces such a beautiful display, perfect for any home or garden.

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket (rooted but no potting medium). Does not come with flowers.

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Also known as, Vanda curvifolia. This orchid requires very bright indirect light and some direct light in the morning when it is not too scorching. It needs a lot of light to bloom each year. It thrives in high humidity and like most orchids, this species enjoys air circulation. If it is potted, water once the top few inches of the medium have dried. If mounted, water about every day unless the medium is still wet. Water more frequently when you can see active new growth. Only repot when strictly necessary, the plant doesn’t like to have its roots tugged too much.

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