Solanum wendlandii – Divorce Vine (email for availability)

A medium size vine that grows well and blooms early in containers. The flowers are 1 ½ ” wide. They start with a deep purple color, and then fade to lavender, then white. The Solanum wendlandii has been known to produces an abundant amount of flowers in the warmer months.

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Solanum wendlandii (also known as Divorce Vine or Costa Rican Nightshade) – is an evergreen, medium – large vine native to the tropics of Southern Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. With the right amount of support, they can reach to be 15 feet tall or higher, making them perfect to use as wall covers, or great to climb gazebos and pergolas. They grow thick, large, leaves that grow between 4 – 8 inches long. Be sure to be careful when handling them as they do have hooked thorns along the midpoint of the leaf’s underside. This variety of Solanum blooms 1 ½ – 2-inch-wide flowers, starting with a deep purple color that then fade to lavender, and then white during their long blooming period. Although they bloom multiple times a year in the right conditions, the warmer months will be the best time for them to bloom an abundant number of flowers. They produce small, round, orange, 4” fruits however they are not edible. Full sun to partial sun with an average amount of water are the perfect growing conditions. If you are located in the warmer tropical climates this plant will stay evergreen, however cooler climates may experience this plant to become deciduous in the winter months. It’s a perfect plant to add to your tropical gardens but can also grow well and could even bloom early in containers.

FAMILY: Solanaceae
ORIGIN: Costa Rica
SIZE: 10′ – 15′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full/partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : Low 30’s
FLOWER: Year round

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