Rhipsalis ramulosa – Red Rhipsalis (check back in fall)

Low maintenance succulent cactus that develops beautiful showy red/pink color when grown in full sun. After the flowers, small white berries form sometimes all over the margins of the pinkish elongated stems. It is very unique and eye-catching, but also easy to grow.

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Proper name is now Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa, but Rhipsalis is a little easier to pronounce…Also sold as Disocactus and Hatiora. Also known as Red Mistletoe Cactus.
Grown outside in south Florida in full sun for maximum color or can also be grown in bright shade. Should be easy to maintain as a houseplant although may not develop as much color in a darker setting.
Can grow around 2′-3′ in length.

The white ornamental berries also add uniqueness to this already showy hanging plant. Very attractive and recommended for beginners. 

Native to The Caribbean. Protect from freezing. Drought tolerant. 

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 18 in
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