Remusatia vivipara – Hitchhiker Elephant Ear (4″ pot)


A medium, fast-growing elephant ear, with large, exotic-looking, glossy green leaves. It would be an amazing addition to any tropical garden, where they can create a beautiful ground cover but can also be great as a container plant.

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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Remusatia vivipara – a medium, epiphytic, fast-growing aroid, native to Southeastern Asia, and northern Australia. Where they can be found growing in the subtropical forests, on rocks and cliffs. They arise from underground tubers and can grow up to 3 feet tall. They have beautiful, huge, glossy, green leaves. They make a great container plant, but can also be a beautiful ground cover for any tropical garden. They have a dormancy period from Winter-Spring. Although we have never seen them, they have been known to produce fragrant, yellow flowers in the late summer depending on their location. Unlike other elephant ears, the Remusatia also produces stolons that also grow outright from the tuber, These stolons are full of tiny fuzzy hooked bulbils that cling to animals’ fur which is what makes this plant spread (hence the name Hitchhiker Elephant Ear.)

FAMILY: Araceae
ORIGIN: Southeast Asia, and northern Australia
Aroid/Elephant Ear
Up to 3 feet
Partial sun to shade
55 – 80 degrees F.

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