Piper betle – Betel Leaf (6″ pot)


Leaf is commonly chewed in Asian culture. It is known for its stimulant and medicinal properties. This tropical vine is in the same family as pepper and kava.
This plant develops sap crystals under the leaves. They start off white/clear and then turn black. This is not a pest. Last photo shows an example of the crystals.

Ships in 1 gallon pot (6″ pot).

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Betel Leaf is a waxy, green, heart-shaped, shade-loving, vine. The Betel leaf plant thrives well in a subtropical and tropical climate. The leaves have been known to be used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It’s a perennial herb, which can be grown in pots and hanging baskets, but can also be trained to grow on trees, fences and trellises.


FAMILY : Piperaceae
ORIGIN : South East Asia, India
Vine/Edible Leaf
Bright shade
Protect from freezing temperatures, best to keep above 40 degrees F

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