Philodendron genevievianum (6″ pot)


This Philodendron is native to the rainforests of Central and South America. This is a very attractive display. It has really cool hairy petioles, the hair is light green making a cool contrast against the darker green stems. The heart-shaped leaves are textured and deeply veined. This is a climbing vining plant that really needs some room to walk. It would look awesome in a home or taking up a spot in the garden.

Ships in 6″ pot.

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Place in bright indirect light, direct light is not recommended unless it is early morning sun. It thrives with plenty of warmth and humidity. Pot in a well draining chunky potting mix with plenty of nutrients and water once the top few inches of medium have dried. About once or twice a week during the growing season is fine, water less in the Winter. Protect from freezing. 

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