Paraphalaenopsis laycockii (mounted)


Native to borneo and endangered, this is one of four species of Paraphalaenopsis. The petals and sepals are curled and dimpled and the side petals droop a little, giving the flower so much character. Each inflorescence holds one flower and the plant can bear up to 15 large flowers that get up to 3″ wide. They are slightly fragrant and relatively easy to care for!

Ships mounted. 

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These rare Paraphalaenopsis love bright shade/partial shade, humidity and to be moist with excellent drainage. This is easy when it is mounted, water it often to keep it moist. For potting, pot in a chunky soil mix. You won’t need to water as often as you would if it’s mounted, the medium should be moist but not wet. Water less in the Winter. Fertilize when there is active new growth. Repot once the roots have circled the pot or the medium has broken down. 

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