Osmanthus fragrans – Sweet Tea Olive (check back in June)

The flowers are small, but the fragrance is what grabs your attention. The scent of the flowers are heavenly and can scent the entire garden. Likes a little bit of shade and is a narrow grower. Highly recommended for fragrant plant lovers.


Although the look is not necessarily what grabs your attention because the flowers are not showy, but the powerful fragrance will make you do a double take.
Place it where the fragrance can most be enjoyed. You will notice it every time you walk by. 
The flowers are small and inconspicuous, but will appear frequently throughout the shorter days of the year here in south Florida. Some say the flowers smell like apricots.
In China, the flowers are used to infuse green and black teas and can even be used to produce an Osmanthus scented jam, liquor and even certain edibles.

One of our favorite fragrant plants for the scent! Simply irresistible.

FAMILY : Oleaceae
ORIGIN : Asia; Himalayas, southern China, Taiwan, southern Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, etc
TYPE/USES : shrub, small tree
MATURE SIZE : up to 15′ without trimming
GROWTH RATE : slow to medium
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered light
WATER REQUIREMENTS : average/medium
MIN. TEMP. : low 20’s for a short period of time
FLOWER : cooler months; very fragrant
COMMENTS : does well in containers or in the ground in tropical locations

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 36 in
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