Operculicarya decaryi – Elephant Tree – (email for availability)


This is a Caudiciforms or caudex forming tropical tree that can be grown in containers. It is popular to be trained as a Bonsai tree. It is rarely offered for sale.

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Operculicarya decaryi or Elephant Tree is great material for containers or a Bonsai tree. It has shiny tiny leaves and develops an interesting bumpy trunk. Roots can be exposed to enhance the uniqueness of the plant.
This caudiciform succulent is native to Madagascar. Grows in full sun and can handle drought. Protect from freezing. Will drop leaves in winter. This is fairly easy to maintain.

FAMILY: Anacardiaceae
ORIGIN: Madagascar
TYPE/USES: Good bonsai
MATURE SIZE: 8′ or kept small as Bonsai tree
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Allow to dry out in between watering
MIN. TEMP. : High 20’s for a short period of time

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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