Myrciaria cauliflora ‘Precoce’ – Dwarf Red Jaboticaba (6″ pot)


This is a rare dwarf red form of Jaboticaba. Gives fruit normally within 3-5 years from seed. Delicious Brazilian fruit!

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Does not come with fruit.

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This is a dwarf form of Jaboticaba “Brazilian Grape Tree”, known as ‘Precoce’ and the Red Jaboticaba.
This is an early bearing type, around 3-5yrs from seed as opposed to 5-10 for the regular jaboticaba. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t live in a tropical location and needs to grow in a container and/or someone who wants to see fruit a lot sooner.
We have some old plants (stock plants only) in large containers in South Florida that never grew past 5 feet tall.
Dwarf Jaboticaba is very rarely offered for sale.

So, what is a Jaboticaba anyway?

This is a very popular fruit tree in Brazil known as Jaboticaba or Brazilian Grape Tree in the US.
Ja-bot-i-ca-ba is pronounced in 5 syllables. It is a cauliflorus tree, meaning it flowers and bears fruit along the branches and trunk which is very neat.

Jaboticabas are fairly easy to grow in a tropical environment. They like full to partial sun. The soil cannot dry out too much, keep it moist. It needs regular fertilization and freezing temperatures should be avoided.

The Jaboticaba bears grape-like fruits, but with a thicker skin which is usually not eaten like regular grapes. Inside is a delicious, sweet gelatinous white pulp which contains some seeds, which us Brazilians swallow with the pulp. The fruit can be eaten out of hand, just pop open the fruit in your mouth with your teeth and enjoy the sweet pulp inside, throwing away the tough skin. Fruit can also be made into delicious jellies, jams, etc.

Some of the leaves (especially the old ones) have some spots or brown parts because of our extreme hot and humid summer in south Florida. Also can develop imperfections from cold weather.

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