Hymenaea courbaril – Jatoba Stinking Toe – West Indian Locust Tree (4″ pot)


This tree is common in the Caribbean, Central America and South America, coming with many uses in addition to the large legumes it bears. The pulp of the legume (sometimes referred to as a fruit) can be eaten raw or cooked and emits an “unpleasant” smell, although those who eat it as a staple do not consider the smell unpleasant. It has a sweet taste, rich in proteins and starches. It can be easily dried into a powder used for sweetening recipes, adding to soups, mixed into drinks etc… Its hardwood is commonly used for furniture and flooring for its gorgeous tan/salmon color with black stripes that turn into a rich cherry red over time. The sap is used for perfume, fragrances and incense. The bark is medicinally used, brewed in tea.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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This tree grows in tropical and subtropical climates at a fairly slow rate, reaching up to 100′ through time. Once established, it can withstand up to 4 months of drought. It requires a position in full sun and thrives in a moist, well-draining sandy soil, although tolerates all kinds of soil. Let the soil dry out before watering again. If growing in a cold climate, protect from freezing temperatures. 

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