Guaiacum sanctum – Holywood Lignum Vitae (email to request wait list)


Native to the Florida Keys, this small, slow growing tropical tree, can develop some beautiful shapes making it good for Bonsai material. This plant produces many blue flowers on and off throughout the year.

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***We do not sell finished Bonsai trees in Bonsai pots. This is a regular plant that you can make into a Bonsai or grow as a regular tree. The Bonsai plants in the pictures are an example of what you can do.

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If purchasing for Bonsai, please ask if plants for sale are suitable Bonsai material.
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FAMILY: Zygophyllaceae
ORIGIN: Florida, Caribbean
MATURE SIZE: 15′ or kept small in container
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full/partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS: keep a little moist
MIN. TEMP.: mid 30’s
FLOWER: throughout the year

Lignum vitae is known for the extremely dense hard wood and the beautiful heartwood used for woodworking. It was used to make bearings for submarines during WW2. It is also said that the resin is used for medicinal purposes. This plant is extremely endangered because it was over-harvested, almost to extinction, because of the huge value of the Lignum Vitae wood. 
This extremely slow growing tree also can develop some beautiful shapes with time. The crooked trunk can take many twists and turns to develop an unusual tree unlike no other in your collection. It is a very good Bonsai subject if you have the patience. It also produces many blue flowers on and off throughout the year. 
This is a very sought-after tropical tree native to south FL, The Bahamas, Central America, and even the Greater Antilles. It is quite easy to grow and tolerant to many things.
We grow them outside in south FL in full to partial sun. They can tolerant almost any soil and do okay with drought and slightly moist soil. They are hardy to zone 10.
Holywood Lignum vitae works very well for pot culture or in the ground in warm climates. People that are used to fast growing plants and strong root systems may be disappointed at the beginning when growing this tree, but it is just its nature. It grows very slow, has a weak root system and soft branches when young. Staking the plant will help it grow straight when young. An older Guaiacum sanctum is a very beautiful and special tree.

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