Epipremnum pinnatum ‘albo’ (6″ pot)


This beautiful rare Epipremnum pinnatum has chunky variegation and fenestrates with maturity. It loves to climb upwards toward the sun, as it would in its native habitat by attaching to a tree and climbing! 

Ships in a 6″ pot. The buyer will receive the exact plant in the photos.

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This variegated Epipremnum pinnatum is relatively easy to care for. It likes to be placed where there is bright indirect sunlight, keep out of direct sun for it will burn the plant. It needs well draining and nutrient rich soil. A chunky soil mix is perfect. Make sure the soil dries out in between watering. These plants do really well in an environment above 50% humidity, the variegation will look better in these conditions. If the plant is exposed to conditions outside of these, it is expected to go dormant or stunt the growth especially in cooler temperatures.

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