Encyclia fowliei (email for availability)

This beautiful orchid naturally grows near tree tops in bright positions. It can have up to 15 inflorescences that hold several flowers, blooming in the Spring and Summer as well as the Fall in other climates. The flowers are showy, colored a mix of green, yellow, burgundy, white and pink with gorgeous veining and uniquely shaped petals. Aside from their beauty, they smell like tea!

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This orchid is warm to hot growing, preferring a position in very bright filtered light to full sun. They need plenty of light to bloom, however if you see the foliage or flowers burning, then it may be too direct of a spot. Air circulation is important for orchids to dry properly and keep the foliage cool; this species enjoys a medium level of air circulation, as well as medium humidity. Pot in a well-draining chunky mix like orchid bark, perlite and charcoal. This species naturally grows in forests near the Atlantic coast. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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