Dendrochilum magnum (3″ pot/blooming size)


The orchid’s blossoms carry a unique scent that fills the air, reminiscent of a slightly sweet fragrance with undertones of allspice. Its flowering stage is truly a sight to behold, with each new growth bringing a cluster of petite, creamy yellow blossoms, with mature specimens often producing multiple spikes simultaneously. 

Ships in a 3″pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.
May have some blemishes as they grow outside in south FL.

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Dendrochilum magnum typically prefers shaded environments, thriving in indirect light. Optimal conditions include high humidity levels and good air circulation. It’s crucial to maintain consistent moisture levels, avoiding both dryness and waterlogging. Many find that these orchids perform best when slightly potbound, suggesting the use of tight baskets with sphagnum moss or a mix of sphagnum and tree fern in perforated clay pots for potting. This orchid is native to the Philippines. 

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