Dendrobium wassellii (mounted)


Dendrobium wassellii, known as the pencil orchid, produces furrowed leaves and an abundance of beautiful small delicate flowers in shades of greens, yellows and creams. This delicate miniature orchid is found in the far North East on the trunks of trees at the edge of rainforests blooming from Spring through Summer, sometimes in Autumn. The plant gets up to 3-5″ when mature.

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The flowers emerge from a creeping inflorescence. This orchid does well mounted with some sphagnum wrapped around the roots, or potted with a soil mix of orchid bark, perlite and charcoal. They enjoy a place where there is bright filtered light, air circulation and humidity. Blooming season is in the Spring and Summer and they should be watered well during this season, however allow the medium to dry in between watering. When there is active growth is the best time to fertilize. Water them very little in the Winter. 

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