Dendrobium nestor (mounted)


Also known as ‘Little Sweet Scent’, this rare orchid is known for its gorgeous maroon-purple flowers that have a delightfully sweet scent that is so strong it fills a room! The plant loves to hang when growing on trees or mounted on a piece of wood and the growth typically hangs upside down, it is so beautiful. This plant is for any orchid lover!

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Dendrobium nestor is a primary hybrid between Dendrobium parishii and dendrobium anosmum. In the wild, this plant grows on the sides of trees and the growth hangs downwards. This plant does well mounted or potted in an airy soil mix like an orchid bark and charcoal perlite mix. When potted, this plant makes for a wonderful hanging plant or does well with a supportive growing pole. Do not keep them too wet in the Winter or else they may skip the flower season in the coming Spring. Water sparingly between November and March to help those flowers develop. 3-4 week total bloom time. 

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