Delonix regia var. flavida – Yellow Poinciana (check back fall 2024)


This is Golden Royal Poinciana native to Madagascar, it is a rare cultivar of Delonix regia producing gorgeous golden yellow flowers. It is such a beautiful tree, the flowers take over the foliage in blooming season, eye catching from afar, the tree bursts with color. The bipinnate foliage is very attractive, dark green and soft to the touch. It grows outdoors in warm topical areas. 

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This is a warm growing medium sized tree. It grows in full sun to part sun. It loves moist soil and grows quickly in the warm season. Young trees require lots of water to grow, less as the plant matures. Over watering can cause root rot or root damage, let the top few inches of soil dry in between watering, don’t let the soil stay consistently soggy. For soil, look for something that holds onto moisture, but isn’t too dense, you still want some drainage. Protect from frost. 

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