Davallia fejeensis (email for availability)


Also known as ‘Mini Rabbit’s Foot fern’, this is a beautiful creeping evergreen fern that has fuzzy white rhizomes that poke out of the soil resembling little rabbit feet. This specific species of Rabbit’s Foot Ferns is from Fiji. It has finely divided fronds. It can be grown terrestrially and epiphytically, making it commonly used in terrariums.  

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This fern grows both in soil and mounted. In its native environment, it thrives epiphytically in the nooks and crannies of trees. It enjoys a warm and humid place in bright indirect light. It is perfect as a house plant for this reason. Right next to a north or east facing window or several feet away from a south or west facing window is recommended, this plant can easily burn. Water regularly and evenly, allowing the medium to slightly dry in between watering. Protect from freezing temperatures.

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