Cattleya walkeriana (tipo) (mounted)


This orchid is native to Brazil and is unique amongst the other Cattleyas by having inflorescences from the rhizome instead of the apex of the pseudobulb. Hence the name, walkeriana. It is hardy and adaptable, growing in many kinds of conditions. Blooming mostly in the Fall, the purple/pink flowers are gorgeous with a large frilly lip that displays colors of purple white and green smelling of vanilla and cinnamon.

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers.

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This Cattleya needs plenty of light to bloom, it thrives in very bright indirect light and it is adaptable, growing in full sun if it is gradually transitioned there. In the wild this Cattleya sometimes grows in high light intensities and higher up in elevation, and it can survive very cold temperatures in the Winter if kept drier. Watering should be abundant during active growth and greatly reduced in the Winter. It prefers to dry out in between watering. If potting, pot in an orchid bark mix or mount to a piece of cork. The inflorescences hold one to a few flowers and the plant can have many inflorescences. 

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