Cattleya aclandiae var. coerulea


This rare and unusual orchid is one stunning display. In a beautiful round star-shape, the green flower is densely coated in a pattern of purple stripes and spots. The labellum is blue and white, and pokes out at the viewer. The column is blue with a dot of yellow in the center and it has these tiny white “flaps” that curl upwards, they look like ears. This adorable orchid blooms in late Spring and Summer and emits a lovely floral fragrance that fills a room!


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This is a warm to hot growing orchid. It required bright indirect light and or partial shade with medium to high humidity and good air circulation. Avoid direct sunlight. Allow the medium to dry slightly in between watering. It does best mounted because its roots like to stretch, however if you’re potting, pot in a chunky well draining airy soil mix like orchid bark, perlite and charcoal or something similar. Decrease the amount of watering in the Winter. 

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