Cassia ‘Nodosa’ – Apple Blossom Cassia (4″ pot)


Also known as the Apple Blossom tree, this is a deciduous tree that reaches 50′ tall.  If you love fragrant pink flowers, I recommend adding this tree to the collection. Many shades of pink shower this tree in Spring, petals range from pale pink, bubblegum pink, hot pink, and dark pink. The stamens are yellow, making a gorgeous contrast against the flowers. 

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Plant in full sun or part sun, this tree needs plenty of light to bloom. Moderate humidity and warm temperatures, protect from freezing temps. Water once the top few inches of soil have dried out, just about every day, and less in the Winter. Grows in well-draining nutrient-rich soil. 

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