Brassavola digbyana (3″ pot/blooming size/contact us for availability)


Brassavola digbyana orchids now classified as Rhyncholaelia digbyana bloom very large exotic star-shaped flowers. They flower in different shades of white and green and give off a citrusy fragrance usually at night.

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers. Please email us with your zip code if you are interested.

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Brassavola digbyana orchids can be grown in a pot with drain holes, in slatted baskets, or mounted on bark. The perfect growing medium would contain perlite, sphagnum moss, and fir bark. Place your Brassavola digbyana near a south facing window  with good air circulation and these orchids will flourish. The flowers bloom star-shaped and measure one to five inches in width. The “points” of the star consist of greenish sepals and petals, all which are long, and narrow. The lips of the blossom are broad and often fringed. They prefer filtered light and with the correct amount of light, small red freckles form on the leaves. If you don’t see the freckles, try moving the plant to a sunnier location.

FAMILY: Orchidaceae
ORIGIN: Honduras to Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica
Filter light
Frequent watering during warmer months, kept drier during winter months
82-86°F, avoid temperatures below 40 degrees F

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