Cattleya dowiana (email for availability)


This Cattleya was discovered in 1850 and has been treasured by collectors ever since. The flower is quite unique in appearance, it has a desirable recessive trait of yellow sepals and petals. The sepals are star-shaped curling at the tips and the petals are round and frilly. The labellum is colorful, mixing shades of purple, pink, orange and red, densely patterned with gold stripes. 

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Growing this orchid is relatively easy if you follow a few simple rules. It should get plenty of very bright indirect light, especially ifyou want your spikes to be full of blooms. Pot in a fast drying, airy medium (something like an orchid bark mix will do fine). Let the medium dry completely and stay dry for a little while before watering again. Sitting in any kind of water will quickly lead to root rot. This plant requires lots of air circulation, keeping the leaves cool and helps the roots to dry properly. If you don’t see active growth, keep the watering to a minimum because it does go through a dormancy period in the cool months. The plant will wake back up early Spring, flowers in mid to late Summer, falling dormant until the following Spring. Fertilizing should only happen during the period of the plant waking in the spring until buds appear. Protect from freezing temperatures.

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