Calathea pavonii (4″ pot)


This Calathea is unique and rare amongst other varieties due to its foliage. The leaves can have splotches, square-like shapes or diamond shapes rather than stripes! These designs are beautifully special and would make an eccentric addition to any space!

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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These rare perennials have leaves that are alternate, ovate and petiolate with beautiful designs of diamonds and splotches like none other.  Native to the tropics, they are happy in partially shaded environments with moist soil and humidity. They do best in a sandy potting mixtures like gritty loam, sandy loam soils or sandy clay for optimum balance between drainage and moist levels. Too soggy soil will have these plants root rot quick, though. Racemes of tubular flowers are produced from June to August.

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