Bulbophyllum medusae (4″ pot/BS) (check back in July)


This unique orchid is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumatra. The flowers are long and frilly. Its appearance gives it the common name Medusa orchid, since it resembles Medusa from Greek Mythology. To me, they look like fireworks bursting and sparks falling against the long dark green leaves, they are so pretty and delicate.

Ships in a 4″ pot.
Does not come with flowers.

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This is a warm growing orchid. It enjoys a place where it receives bright indirect light, but keep out of direct light. Allow it to dry briefly in between watering, and water well where it is running through the drain holes. It likes to stay moist but not wet. Pot in well draining soil, something like orchid bark perlite and charcoal does fine. Good air circulation should be provided. Protect from freezing.

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