Anthurium pedatum-radiatum ‘Fingers’ – Anthurium Fingers (4″ Pot)


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A rare type of anthurium, with distinctive radiant “finger” shaped leaves. Makes an easy to care for houseplant that will grow large prehistoric looking foliage.

Ships in 4″ pot. Please send zip code if interested.

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Anthurium pedatum-radiatum “Fingers” is a great tropical plant. It grows well in outdoor gardens, but it’s become more widely used as a house plant due to its fairly low light requirement. Not fussy at all – super easy to grow. This plant will grow large so it must be moved to successively larger sized habitats periodically. It does well in a greenhouse or garden patio but must be protected from cold temperatures. Doesn’t like temperatures below 36F.


FAMILY : Araceae
ORIGIN : Southern Mexico
MATURE SIZE : Up to 36”
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : Shade, heavily filtered sun.
WATER REQUIREMENTS : Keep soil moist, do not let soil completely dry out.
FLOWER : Light, pale greenish color and can appear anytime of the year. They can grow 1 to 2 feet long. Very narrow and with a purple spadix.

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