Zephyranthes sp. ‘Bruxitas’ – Pink Rain Lily (email for availability)

Rain lilies are quite easy to grow tropical plants for containers or in the garden. This species blooms with pink flowers in the summer after the rain showers. These cuties will liven up your garden.

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Rain lilies are in the Amaryllis family. They are also known as Zephyr lilies, fairy lilies, rainflower, magic lily, and Atamasco lily.
These tropical perennial bulbs have grass-like leaves most of the year. They may go dormant during the winter months.
The beautiful pink flowers are seen after the summer rains. They are good cut flowers.

They are pretty flexible when it comes to the growing conditions.
You can grow them in a pot or you can plant them in the garden. They are known to be hardy from zones 11 to 8.
They can grow in full sun or can also take a bit of shade.
They can grow in boggy conditions and even desert-like conditions.
Any kind of fertilizer is recommended during the growing season and no fertilizer during the rest period (winter).

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 18 in
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