Vanda luzonica (4″ hanging basket) (mature to bloom)


This orchid is a rare, endangered species of vanda indigenous to the Philippines close to Mount Pinatubo, where nearly all of the species were destroyed in the volcanic eruption. The orchid has very fragrant, waxy flowers blooming in Spring and Summer. The leaves are tapering and pencil-shaped. The flowers are a flat white with purple/fuscia pink spots. This endangered orchid would be happy to make it into any warm home or garden!

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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The Vanda luzonica needs very bright indirect sunlight, and even a few hours of direct sun in the morning that isn’t too hot. Too much direct heat , especially afternoon direct sun will burn the leaves and flowers. This plant prefers 70-85% humidity and requires a little bit of air circulation. Pot in well-draining, airy soil. It can also be potted in charcoal and stone. Water once the first few inched of potting mix have dried, and water well. Protect from freezing temperatures, this plant is not frost hardy!

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