Tecomanthe dendrophila – New Guinea Creeper Vine (Email for availability)

This is a tropical flowering vine that produces unusual pink trumpet-like flowers that appear on the old woody stems only. This is a cold hardy tropical plant for collectors or gardeners in search of something different. Very different and eye-catching.

Does not come with flowers. Please email with your zip code if interested in the latest availability.


Syn.: Tecomanthe venusta
Super unusual vine that you don’t see offered very often. A few common names for it are New Guinea creeper vine, New Guinea trumpet vine, and Forest Bell Creeper. This is not related to the poisonous trumpet trees.
Everyone stops and says “Wow! what is that?” when they see this plant in bloom. The unusual pink trumpet-like/finger-like flowers appear on the old woody stems only. We consider this to be a cold-tolerant tropical vine. You can see flowers often on a mature vine.

FAMILY: Bignoniaceae
ORIGIN: New Guinea
Evergreen woody climber
Large vine
: Partial sun is ideal
: Average
High 20s for a short period of time
Spring & summer, perhaps more often on mature vines

All photos were taken of mature vines in the ground to show an example of the flowers.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 11 × 11 in
Gardino Nursery