Talauma candollei- Egg Magnolia – Magnolita (check back summer)

This small rare tropical tree is a really popular fragrant tree in Asia. This plant that can be grown in a container is closely related to Magnolia and Michelia. This is a nice plant for collectors.

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SYNONYM: Magnolia liliifera

FAMILY : Magnoliaceae
ORIGIN : Thailand
small tree or shrub
: full sun to partial sun
: average
low 40’s
very fragrant

This small rare tree is a really popular fragrant tree in Asia. It gets only about 5′ tall and it grows well in containers.
This tropical plant gets super fragrant flowers that last only one day. The flowers look very similar to Michelia coco, but are more fragrant. The buds look like an egg before they open and the flowers don’t actually ever fully open. You can see flowers most of the year, but if you trim this plant back in late winter or early spring, you will see lots of flowers in the summer.
Make sure to protect this plant from freezing temperatures, it is cold sensitive.

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