Spathoglottis ‘Mellow Yellow’ (6″ pot) – Ground Orchid


This Spathoglottis is gorgeous. The flower buds come in a range of warm colors, yellow, red, orange and brown in a tie dye like effect. Once the flowers open up, bright yellow sits on all the petals and sepals, outlined in pinkish red. These gorgeous flowers bloom off of a tall inflorescence and stick around for a long period of time, blooming frequently one after the other Spring through Autumn. 

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot).

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Place in an area with lots of bright light, it will tolerate light shade but needs plenty of light to bloom. Does not tolerate temps below 40 degrees F. For potting mix, a well-draining nutrient dense mix  that retains a bit of moisture is necessary. Something like peat moss, perlite and orchid bark is a great option. Keep the medium evenly moist, overwatering can quickly lead to root rot, however this orchid does prefer moisture more than other orchids. 

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