Solanum macranthum – Giant Star Potato Tree


This bushy tropical flowering tree blooms on and off through out the year and has very fragrant flowers. The flowers start off dark purple then fade to light purple and then to white. You will see all colors displayed on this plant at the same time.

Does not come with flowers. E-mail us with zip code if interested and we can check latest availability.

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This is a gorgeous tropical tree with attractive foliage. The flowers are similar to your “yesterday, today and tomorrow” plant in the sense that you will see three colors on your tree at once; white to dark purple to light purple. This medium size tree blooms on and off through out the year. When in full bloom, you can smell the amazing fragrance from the flowers from a good distance. This tree also forms a nice canopy. It is related to the eggplant and some people confuse small plants with it. This tree produces a fruit, but they are not edible.

FAMILY : Solanacea
ORIGIN : Tropical America
MATURE SIZE : up to 15′, forms a nice canopy
WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep moist until established
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for a short period of time, protect young trees
FLOWER : year round, very fragrant

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