Schoenorchis scolopendria (mounted/contact us for availability)


Schoenorchis scolopendria is a true miniature orchid that blooms in Spring and Summer, naturally growing in between bark crevices. It is so tiny it’s commonly used for terrariums. It produces purple and yellow flowers in the same shape as Schoenorchis fragrans. The foliage is imbricating and can be dark green, bright green and sometimes a red-ish tone on the top growth. 

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers. Please email us with your zip code if you are interested.

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It prefers more shade than its cousin Schoenorchis fragrans, it does not require so many hours of light. Bright indirect light for a few hours a day is fine. It likes to dry out in between watering and prefers humid conditions. This plant grows in forests at high elevations and is warm to cool growing. Protect from freezing. 

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