Rhipsalis elliptica (email for availability)

Rhipsalis elliptica is an epiphytic cactus with fleshy, green, flattened, elliptical stem segments that turn rich coppery-purple in full sun. Flowers are small, yellow-white and appear in late winter and early spring.

Please email us with your zip code for availability, does not come with flowers.


Rhipsalis Elliptica is a beautiful, easily cared for plant that would be perfect in a handing basket. It’s native to the tropical climates of Brazil. The leaves grow in flat oblong shapes and produce small white flowers from the notches on each leaf. The leaves are pad succulent type leaves that are linked together, making this a very unique plant. The flowers are small and yellow-white in color, flowering all over the plant at once. Unlike its desert cousins, this jungle cactus should not be allowed to dry out completely, and should not be place in direct sunlight. It can grow up to 1-3’ tall. It needs bright shade to full shade to thrive the best with average water.


FAMILY: Cactaceae
ORIGIN: Brazil
1 -3’ tall
Partial to full shade, indirect light
60- 90 degrees F.
Late Winter, Early Spring

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