Rhaphidophora korthalsii (Email for availability)

This is a really cool foliage plant known as a shingling aroid or ‘Shingle plant’. It has a unique growing plant, loved by many collectors. The dark green leaves lay flat on the surface it climbs. The foliage grows larger with age, getting up to almost 3′ big and fenestrates fully as the plant matures. The flat climbing leaves resemble roof shingles. A beautiful and unusual plant.

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Keep the soil moist through the Spring and Summer and reduce watering in Winter. Allow the top inch or so of the soil dry in between watering in warmer months. Nutrient rich, airy, well-draining soil is best. Do not fertilize in the Winter and fertilize sparingly. It thrives in bright indirect light, avoid direct light. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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