This tropical plant can be grown outside in filtered light or as a house plant. It has very interesting very dark greenish blue leaves that are dimpled and curly. I would recommend this plant for beginner gardners.

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Polyscias are slow growing shrubs that are very appropriate for indoor growing. We grow our plants outdoors in S. FL in bright indirect light. Many become old specimens with crooked trunks and form very interesting shapes which is ideal to make a Bonsai tree. They have to be kept warm. They can lose all their leaves when the temperatures drop below 50°F. Some Aralias grow well in full sun to full shade, but best results are achieved in bright shade. They are not fast growers, but occasional trimming may be necessary to shape them. Since they don’t grow very fast, they don’t need too much fertilizer. Slow release fertilizers work well for them. Liquid fertilizers work well also, as long as not too much is used.

FAMILY : Araliaceae
ORIGIN : South Pacific
MATURE SIZE : 6′-8′ without trimming
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : bright shade/filtered light
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for a short period of time, but ideal if kept above low 50’s
FLOWER : insignificant

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